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Our purpose: The purposes of the Rhode Island Women’s Bar Association shall be to promote the advancement of women in the legal profession, to promote the advancement of women in a just society, to promote the administration of justice, to encourage a spirit of cooperation among its members, and to operate in accordance with our organization’s § 501(c)(6) non-profit corporation status.

2016 Ada Sawyer Award Recipient

Each year, the RIWBA presents the Ada Sawyer Award to an individual who exemplifies the mission of the RIWBA–the promotion and enhancement of the status of women in our community and in the legal profession.  The award is named after the first female attorney in Rhode Island, Ada Sawyer, who became an attorney in 1920 only after the Rhode Island Board of Bar Examiners received an opinion from the Supreme Court that the bar rules reference to “person” with respect to admission to the bar included women.

The Rhode Island Women’s Bar Association presented Judge D’Ambra with the 2016 Ada Sawyer Award on May 25, 2016 for her decades of dedicated service in the legal field.

Ada Sawyer 2016


RIWBA Community Engagement

On March 30, 2016, some RIWBA board members supported Crossroads RI at the annual Women Helping Women fundraiser.


In December of 2015, RIWBA sponsored 10 children and their families through Children’s Friend and Service’s holiday gift drive!  Click on this link to see more: RIWBA Gives Back!

Thank you to all our members that participated!
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