2015 RIWBA Board

Rhode Island Women’s Bar Association promotes the advancement of the status of women in Rhode Island and in the legal profession. RIWBA offers a forum to discuss and address local, national, and international issues of significance to women generally and to female attorneys in particular. RIWBA advocates for the fair and equal administration of justice throughout the state of Rhode Island. Through philanthropy, education, mentoring and connecting people, RIWBA has improved and continues to improve the Rhode Island community as a whole.

RIWBA offers accredited Continuing Legal Education seminars targeted at the needs, challenges and issues facing female attorneys in their practices. In the past, the RIWBA has partnered with female Rhode Island Judiciary members to bring seminars that offer unique insight on the practice of law in Rhode Island state courts. RIWBA has also made significant charitable efforts throughout Rhode Island, including annual holiday gift bag drives, clothing drives to assist women entering the work force, and events to support to local female youth living in group homes. Furthermore, various RIWBA-sponsored networking events have fostered a close-knit relationship among our members, providing our membership with valuable sources of knowledge and contacts.


Having served on the RIWBA board for several years alongside amazing and talented women, I am very honored and excited to serve as President of the RIWBA for the 2015-2016 membership year.

The RIWBA board strives to make the organization one which brings great value to its members. Every year, we look forward to hosting our annual events, developing our relationships with organizations in the Rhode Island community, and introducing new ideas, collaborations, and events. This year, be on the lookout for an increased web and social media presence to better reach all of our members, and expect to see RIWBA information and missives in new and exciting places. 

This organization is a wonderful resource for mentoring, networking, and professional development across many different practice areas. We constantly are reminded that the RIWBA membership is characterized by an abundance of impressive experience, talent, and wisdom.  Our members have important stories that can and should be shared.

As always, I encourage you to contact me or any board member with feedback—the board welcomes additions to its growing list of ideas! –and please be sure to reach out if you are interested in becoming active in the RIWBA.

I so look forward to seeing you at our events and hope that you will consider serving on one of our committees.  Thank you for your continued support of the RIWBA’s mission to promote the advancement of the status of women in Rhode Island and in the legal profession!

-Jessica A. Shelton